• Jessica K. Miles

Miles Immigration Law goes to Washington

Attorney Jessica K Miles and Immigrants' Rights advocate Lulu Ortiz went to Washington D.C. to lobby for the human rights of migrants

Attorney Jessica Miles and Immigrants’ Rights advocate Lulu Ortiz traveled to Washington D.C. this week to talk to lawmakers about immigration policy. Among our requests are that Congress pass Rep. Veronica Escobar’s Homeland Security Improvement Act (H.R. 2203), which would provide accountability and greater oversight over ICE and CBP, and the reallocation of resources on the border to process the legal claims of asylum seekers rather than illegally turning them away or expanding detention.

We are proud to bring the needs of our clients and community to the attention of the powerful and meeting lawmakers where they work is an important part of our advocacy. We won’t stop advocating until every immigrant and their family is treated with dignity and respect and every detention center bed is empty! Migration is a human right.

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