• Jessica K. Miles

Hunger Striker Freed from Detention After Prolonged Fight for Release

Under this administration there are so many bad days and too few good ones, so when the good days come around you have to savor them. This week one of our clients was finally released from detention after a long, drawn out fight for his release. You can read Bob Moore's excellent story about the release HERE.

A lot of people worked on getting these men free including Rep. Escobar and her office, the great legal team at Las Americas, the dedicated volunteers from AVID who visited both men every week for months, and the Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee for help in securing the mens' bond.

Both men have been through so much, and we are not done fighting, but today we are overjoyed that our client is free, safe, and off to live with family in California while we continue to fight his case.

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