LOPD Contract Assistance for DWI offenses

The Las Offices of Horatio Moreno-Campos

There are two contractors who can provide advice for indigent clients in the State of New Mexico.  The Law Offices of Horatio Moreno Campos provides memorandums for attorneys to advise clients who have DWI-based offenses.

Leather Bound Books

1. Fill out and submit LSR form for Horatio Moreno-Campos

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Fountain Pen

3. Email case specific documents to Horacio Moreno-Campos

Please allow 3 weeks to receive memorandum. If information is needed before that time, or there is an upcoming deadline, please email Horatio Moreno-Campos irectly



We are located in the Hernandez Law Building

1219 E Missouri Ave

El Paso, TX 79902

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